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The Bangla Language

Spoken from the densely populated nation of Bangladesh to the bustling streets of the Kolkata metropolis in the Indian state of West Bengal, Bangla is the seventh most spoken language in the entire world. As the economies of South Asia continue to grow and the region's strategic and commercial importance grows, demand for languages like Bangla continue to increase in international businesses, universities and research institutions, non-profit and development organizations, and the US government.

Bangla has a rich and diverse history, boasting a literary tradition that produced India's national poet and Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Business majors looking to break into exciting developing economies, scientists who want to work with Bangladesh and India's leading researchers and educational institutions, anthropologists and ethnomusicologists studying the fascinating cultures of the region, and just about anyone from any field can add a unique dynamic to their career pursuits with this important and widely spoken Indic language.

Featured Alumni Profiles


  • Paige Giarmona
    CLS Bangla 2016
    Kolkata, India
    Alumni Ambassador

  • Liz Thomas
    CLS Bangla 2013
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Alumni Ambassador

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