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Reading Louis Cha's "The Eagle Shooting Heroes"

By Benjamin Reitz (Qingdao, China ’13)My first point of contact with Chinese culture was watching Bruce Lee use kung fu to crush the evil man with the metal claw in the Hong Kong/Hollywood mixer Enter the Dragon. I instantly became a big fan of Bruce Lee's movies and soon branched out to Jackie Chan movies, Steven Chow's kung fu comedies, Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, and the old-sc...
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Project Pengyou: Inaugural Leadership Summit

By Mack Lorden (Qingdao, China ’13)Studying abroad in China changed my life.My first time outside of the U.S., I went to a country with a culture so very different from my own that I had no idea what to expect. However, upon landing halfway around the world for OSU’s Summer Intensive Qingdao Program, it didn’t take long before I felt right at home.The people were incredibly welcoming and hospitabl...
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