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The Turkish Language

No Prior Language Study Required

Originating in the furthest reaches of Central Asia, the Turkish language crossed continents to become one of Europe and Asia's most important historical languages with the growth of the Ottoman Empire. Today, Turkish is spoken in the modern republic of Turkey and languages in the Turkic family are spoken across the Middle East and Central Asia. Turkey's fast growing economy and location as a bridge between Europe and Asia have made it a constant center of interest, investment, and study for students and professionals from a variety of different fields.

If you're a student of the Middle East looking to learn a language that will open access to one of the region's key players, a linguist searching for a gateway to an enormous and diverse family of languages, or an aspiring businessperson looking to make deals in thriving metropolises like Istanbul and Ankara, Turkish will open doors and provide a foundation for your long-term goals.

Program Sites

Ankara, Turkey
Ankara University TÖMER
Jun 15, 2023 - Aug 10, 2023

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Isabelle McRae
Turkish 2016
Baku, Azerbaijan
Tucker Boyce
Turkish 2017
Baku, Azerbaijan
Eileen Calub
Turkish 2020
Ankara, Turkey