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The Japanese Language

Japan has been known for decades as one of the world's cultural, technological, and economic hubs and has long drawn students fascinated with the country's combination of millennia old traditions and stunning modern prowess across countless different fields. Learning Japanese offers not only the opportunity to experience firsthand the beautiful culture and people of this island nation, but to build a career around its long-standing social and economic importance worldwide.

The Japanese language will give you a competitive edge among Americans seeking to engage in East Asia's booming global market. Furthermore, Japanese language proficiency and cultural knowledge will give you the ability to form successful cross-cultural partnerships with Japanese people and in fields of study as diverse as architecture, politics, medicine, and literature.

Program Sites

Program sites will be announced in the spring.

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Featured Alumni Profiles

Saumya Kini
Japanese 2010
Kyoto, Japan
Erik Hornberger
Japanese 2013
Himeji, Japan
Mahli Knutson
Japanese 2018
Hikone, Japan

Japanese Stories

Erik Hornberger

Erik Hornberger always wanted Japanese to be a part of his career, but as a busy graduate student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Kansas, there wasn't enough time to participate in semester study abroad programs. Fortunately, the CLS Program was short enough to fit Erik's...

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Posted December 10, 2019

Saumya Kini

Saumya Kini is an alumna of the first CLS Japanese Program in 2010 and is a current Fulbright fellow living in Okayama, Japan. She participated in the program as a junior at the University of Oregon, where she studied architecture and Japanese.

"CLS was really instrumental to me for...

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Posted November 22, 2019

Announcing the 2020 CLS Application - Now Open!

We are pleased to announce that the application for the 2020 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is now open! American undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply now to learn a critical foreign language next summer on a fully-funded study abroad program.


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Posted September 12, 2019